Duckling Connector

The Duckling Connector runs a simple Duckling Simulator shown in the next figure.


Duckling is a game similar to the old snake game, where a parent (the green box) is tasked with collecting a stray duckling (shown as a yellow box). The objective is to collect as many of these as possible while staying inside the boundary of the game. In the full game, the ducklings form a line following the parent as each is collected. The game is over if the parent goes out of bounds or crosses its line of ducklings. In a simplified variant the ducklings are simply captured without the line growing behind the parent.

The primary purspose of this connector is to assist in making test cases for the core libraries and to provide a running example for the ActorSim Tutorials. Thus, this connector is sometimes refered to as the “Test Connector”.

Installing the Duckling Server and Test Connector

  • Obtain or clone the connector from the github repository.
  • Unpack the appropriate proto libraries in ACTORSIM_HOME/lib
  • Run the script for generating the protobuf libarary files.
  • Import the TestConnector project into Eclipse

Running the TestConnector

For the TestConnector Project, create a Run Configuration with the following main class:

You should see the simulator start with a similar picture to the figure at the start of this page as well as see an internal memory and external memory. You can press the “Step” button to see goal reasoning in action.

Continue your journey in understanding ActorSim internals by proceeding to the ActorSim Tutorials.